Netflix’s Watch Instantly service is a god’s gift to any film/TV nerd who comes to the conclusion that a social life is overrated and sitting in front of your TV is a hundred times cooler. I happen to be one of those nerds, who is constantly perusing through the 17,000 (and more!) choices this service has to offer in order to find the great, the bad, and the weird of the entertainment world.

On this site, you will find reviews of everything I watch instantly. That could be a new release, something old I missed, or something I’m revisiting. After each review, there will be a link to Netflix where you can watch what I just saw as well. If you agree or disagree, please do not hesitate to comment. I want to foster a Watch Instantly committee here somehow, someway.

I also feel the need to say I am NOT affiliated in anyway with Netflix, I just love the service and want to help promote it.

The Watch Instantly Critic is also syndicated on BlogCritics Magazine as “Tales from Watch Instantly”, which you can check out HERE.

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