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Film Geek (2005)

Starring: Melik Malkasian, Tyler Gannon, Tara Walker

Writer/Director: James Westby

Company: First Run Features

WARNING: Spoilers for the end of the movie in the comments section.

When watching Film Geek, many thoughts occurred to me: a) it’s ironic that I’m watching a movie based around a video store clerk on the very service that is killing them and b) this movie is a lot better than what I was expecting. Film Geek stars Malkasian as Scott Pelk, a socially awkward film geek (guess where they got the title?) who works at a local Portland, Oregon video store. His abrasive personality, and lack of social grace, makes him a nuisance to the patrons who come to the store and his co-workers, who don’t care about what Jean Luc Goddard has done or the in’s and out’s of Aliens. When not at the store, he is at his small apartment covered in VHS tapes and movie posters, eating cereal and obsessively updating his personal film site, which still has 0 views.

Eventually, his boss has enough of his antics and fires Scott. Scott is heartbroken, and takes a job at a local auto parts warehouse, after failed attempts to get a job at the other Portland video stores. One day, Scott meets hipster Niko (Taylor Gannon), who is able to match him on film knowledge, but is initially turned off by his awkwardness. Scott decides to pursue her anyway with the same obsessiveness he approaches film, and eventually they strike a shaky friendship…which Scott wants to be more than that.

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Ira and Abby (2006)

Marriage, to me, is an absolutely insane idea. It may be because I am young, but the idea of two people deciding to be together for the rest of their lives? That goes against evolution as a whole and what our natural instincts are (natural instincts being “bang as many people as humanly possible with little to no discretion”). Ira and Abby, a 2006 independent romantic comedy, seems to be in agreement:  marriage, as an institution, isn’t the best idea.

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Big Fan (2009)

Writer/Director: Robert Siegel

Football fans, for lack of a better term, are completely insane. To them, the sport is a religion and even on days where the wind chill would kill a polar bear, they are out in the stadium shirtless, all for the sake of showing off their team’s colors. Robert Siegel’s (The Wrestler) directorial debut, Big Fan, tackles this obsession head on in a film that is not only darkly funny, but also serious and uncomfortable at the same time.

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Nights and Weekends (2008)

I have no idea what mumblecore is or where this genre of film came from. If I am to gather from watching this film, it seems like these types of films are more realistic than others, using realistic dialogue (and heavy improvisation) to create a documentary-like experience. Nights and Weekends is my first foray into this genre, and judging by this film, I could get into the rest of it. Continue reading ‘Nights and Weekends (2008)’


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